Reasons behind Meer’s Scandal and Marriage with Naveed

Reasons behind Meer's Scandle and Marriage with Naveed | PakisttanTribePakistani actress Meera once again in headlines while commenting on her sex video with Captain Naveed, discussing her marriage issue but the question is Why?

Recent drama/act can be name “Meera’s Controversy” “Meera’s Scandal” “Meera’s Sex Video” “Meera’s Latest Scandal” “Meera’s Latest  Sex Video” and many others but still the question is there, Why?

Many beleive that discussion about Meera and Captain Naveed Pervez’s marriage or about the couple’s sex tape is the westage of time because the new ‘controvrsy queen’ only wants to become a topic of headlines with the help of these stunts.

In Public Relations (PR) world the scandal or controvrsy is still ‘working’ as these terms can initiate conversation which is done already in Meera-Naveed’s case.

Earlier, Pakistani actress Meera’s sex video was also leaked several days ago and seems to be talk of the town.

Insiders believe that Meera was behind the leak herself to gain some attention. The actress has not been getting any major roles and her career seems to be headed south.

The trailer of her upcoming film Hotal was released this week as well. It seems the video is a publicity stunt to have her film gain attention which ironically is also called Hotal.

In the R-rated video Meera can be seen in the nude having sex with Captain Naveed Pervez.

In 2012  Meera got engaged to Captain Naveed and it was stated she was to marry him, but after sometime nothing was heard of the marriage. However, since the release of this video Naveed’s father released the marriage certificate stating that Meera got married to Naveed Pervaiz in October 2013 which Meera denies.

When approached by media, Meera termed the video a “conspiracy” against her, saying it has been prepared masterfully and the couple seen in the video wore the “masks” of her and Captain Naveed.

She also denies ever meeting Naveed saying he just one of her fans.

It’s not the first time she was involved in such a scandal. No doubt Meera is now the official queen of scandals, has left Mathira and Veena Malik far behind.


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