‘The Internet Will be Down For 24 Hours’

'The Internet Will be Down For 24 Hours' | Pakistantribe.com

'The Internet Will be Down For 24 Hours' | Pakistantribe.com

This December, at the end of the year, when the big industries and corporations plan and predict for the next year.

Among various predictions, the one that standout is considered to be frightening that somewhere in 2017 people would not be able to use the Internet for 24 years.

This gloomy forecast was put forward by LogRhythem, an American security and Intelligence Company. It said that at any time in 2017 people can experience internet failure for 24 hours. And if this happened industries and corporations might suffer the loss of billions.

The world has already experienced such level of hacks in 2016.

A few months ago Denial of Services attacks happened; the websites which became the target of these attacks were Twitter and Spotify, where the users were not able to use the sites for hours.

Cyber criminals have done these hackings for the sake of experiments to prove that any site can be hacked.


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