Every third man in Pakistan drinks, admit it: MNA

Every third man in Pakistan drinks, admit it: MNA | Pakistantribe.com

Every third man in Pakistan drinks, admit it: MNA | Pakistantribe.com

ISLAMABAD – Despite the ban on preparing liquor in Pakistan, the bootlegging business is on the rise in the country.

A German broadcasting organisation reported today that millions of litres of illegal alcohol are prepared in Pakistan, yet the demand is not satiated, quoted Daily Dunya.

According to one bootlegger, Daily Duny, Aslam (not the real name), homemade liquor in Pakistan is in more demand because of the enormous difference in the price. Aslam’s home in Rawalpindi is about 100 metres from the local police station, and he prepares liquor at his home not only for himself but also on order. He told that he sold one bottle for Rs 300 and was in the business for last 25 years.

Aslam boasted that he prepared liquor mostly for wedding events while one member of the assembly was his permanent customer. He said that he had been caught on various occasion but got released after paying the bribe to the police. “In such a situation, I give all the bottles to the concerned police official”, he said.

Salamat Masih, another bootlegger, stated that he could challenge anyone who’d drink just one bottle of liquor made by him won’t be able to walk even a single step. He said that hard alcohol was just a consequence of greed. He stated that it took 21 days to prepare liquor, but some people added Ammonium Chloride in it to make it in just six days, poisoning the alcohol in the process unknowingly, reported Daily Dunya.

One member of the national assembly said on the condition of anonymity that the people were hypocrites. “Everyone knows that every third party in the country drinks but we just don’t want to admit this reality”, he said. He admitted that he and most of his colleagues frequently consumed liquor but just wouldn’t accept it.



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