Restuarant with “NO PAKISTANIS ALLOWED” exists no more

Restuarant with "NO PAKISTANIS ALLOWED" exists no more | PakistanTribeISLAMABAD – The restaurant in Islamabad with ” NO PAKISTANIS ALLOWED” policy has been shut down after huge hue and cry on the social media, reported.

The name of the restuarant was ‘La Maison’, and it was running out of Islamabad’s F-7/1, was not allowing Pakistanis in.

According to the sources,this controversial policy led to a storm on various social media networks, with many terming the policy as neo-colonialism .

The momentum against the restaurant was started by Cyril Almeida, senior journalist working with a leading Pakistani daily, who launched a Twitter war against the restaurant and later other leading websites including Pakistan tribe published stories against this policy.

The restaurant-owner Philiptpe later said that he is willing to revise the policy but it was a little late because the news was already catching like fire and there was no going back.

According to police sources, they recovered huge quantity of illegal liquor from ‘La Maison’.

The raid was carried out by the police with TV camera crews that wanted a great story.

The sources further said that the restaurant offered French style of cooking that uses wine instead of water and also,the food was not halal and even pork was served.

The small restaurant running out of Lafforgue’s house, was a hit with the expats. One had to make prior booking, giving international passport details.

‘La Maison’ was similar to the New York-style “secret restaurants” that operate in the federal capital.

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