Google will help people finding toilet in India

Google will help people finding toilet in India |

Google will help people finding toilet in India |

LAHORE – To solve the issue of poor sanitation in the country, Google has teamed up with Indian Ministry of Urban Development.

Google recently launched public toilet locator on Google maps in the capital city of Delhi.

According to media reports, people in Delhi have been enabled to access 5,162 toilets on the digital map by searching “public toilet”.

The project was launched after widely discussed issue of open defecation in India. In a report by World Health Organization (WHO), Southern Asia has the highest number of open defecators in countries including India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The Indian government of Narendra Modi launched a Community Led Environmental Action Network or CLEAN-India campaign that envisions construction of millions of toilets in the country to improve sanitation while putting an end to open defecation within four years.

Another survey suggests that approximately 70 percent people in India do not have access to toilets within their households which makes them defecate in outdoors thus polluting the environment.

The initiative is expected to spread in other states of the country also, however, the service has only been provided in Delhi and Madhya Pradesh as of yet. Both Android and iOS users will be able to search restrooms in English as well as the Hindu language.

Meanwhile, Sanket Gupta who is the Product Manager at Google Maps said, “Locating a public toilet can be challenging in Delhi and most often the only option is going to nearby restaurants and cafes.“

She suggested that now people will be able to see a list of restrooms nearby and the respective address and opening hours will also be mentioned.

The story initially appeared on Dunya News.


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