Saudi Arabia slaps heavy taxes on expats- report

Saudi Arabia slaps heavy taxes on expats -report |

Riyadh – There are claims that in the budget of the fiscal year 2017, the Saudi Govt will impose heavy taxes on foreigners who are in the country to earn their living.

According to the report, the expatriate workers have to pay 800 riyals tax to the government.

According to various media reports, the taxes will be levied by July 2017.

On the other hand, the workers who have called their families in the country have to pay an additional tax of 300 riyals each family member per year.

The Economist speculates that by this discussion the foreigners’ income will not only reduce their income but they might prefer to go somewhere else in the world to make a living.

But still, people are waiting for the government to announce the implementation of the order.

Saudi Arab is considered to be the best option to find a job overseas because the country heavily relies on the workforce who mostly come from South Asia.

The Saudi finance minister, Muhammad Jaddan, talking about the upcoming budget in a news conference, said that by 2018 the Saudi government will collect monthly charge from expatriate workers which they will increase gradually.

The Saudi minister said the amount would be decided by the number of foreign workers in a company.

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