Song Review: Young Emerging Vocalist Arsalan Asif

Song Review: Young Emerging Vocalist Arsalan Asif |

Song Review: Young Emerging Vocalist Arsalan Asif |[dropcap]A[/dropcap]rslan Asif a young emerging vocalist, guitarist, song writer and music producer, started his career with an underground band, performing as a lead vocalist in Islamabad.

In 2007 he released his official debut track “Chu loon main Asamaa”. He emerged as a solo singer and in 2009 he released his second track “Char din ki chandni”, which was later sponsored for a video in 2011.

After performing in different schools and colleges from around Pakistan his 1st solo track was released as a music video in 2013. In the same year his 3rd track “Ye kia hwa” was released, In 2014, he created the track “Baabay”, a Rock & Rap genre song, with Fadi.G highlighting social issues based on the perverted nature of an old man.

In the following year as excitement spread in anticipation of the World cup, “Josh e Lahu” was released and sparked great support for the Pakistani cricket team. So far, he has produced eight audio tracks and four music videos.

His song ‘Baabay’ falls in the hard rock genre. The song is a great Punjabi composition with rock and rap. It is a duo of Arslan Asif featuring Fadi G. The song is based on a social issue. Since, the young singers’ music focuses on social issues and he wants to bring change through his music. The singer has a bold and soulful voice along with a good command over his singing skills.

The track is very unique and different from the rest. It is not something you get to hear often or on regular basis. . The style of the music is a combination of rock with a twist of drums and guitars. The lyrics are a perfect on the current situation of the society and the song is an alerter that it’s time to bring change in our society and its people. The track depicts the reality of our society. The young singer is very enthusiastic and determined to bring change through his music.

Arslan Asif has been working more on motivational music and songs based on social issues, including his upcoming song “Apnay Karam”. Performing live for an audience has always been his passion while recording covers of different songs is his motivation. In most of the covers and in his own songs Arslan delves into ‘Alternative Rock’. A socially active performer, he is looking forward to performing live in Karachi and Lahore.


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