Only If We Realize – By Fizza Abbas

Only if we realize |

Only if we realize |[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ometimes its difficult for me to swallow the opinions

of those whom I don’t consider intellectually sound,

then I bring a mirror and look myself in it,

I see my mouth still filled with a number of words

that I spoke couple of days ago,

considering myself as someone significant.

The persistence of those words as tasteless morsels,

that can neither be chewed nor gulped-

clearly tells where do I stand.

I lower my gaze when I realize how insignificant you get

when you try to dig out something significant in you

to justify your low opinions for others,

I mock at myself for calling myself an intellectual,

and remind myself of the definition of an intellectual:

the one whose wisdom has strength

to thrive on its own

without using the arms of depreciation

to look down at others,

and then I look at myself with a hope

that I might find this primary characteristic of a sage in me,

much to my surprise, I find none.

In utter shock, I recollect those words,

that my friends have always said for me,

the adore that my teachers have always given me,

and try to use them as a weapon to combat self-realization.

But my mind refrains me from any such battle

and shares something with me

that leaves me baffled:

Some praises are never meant to be said,

but said to keep you away from any fatal doubts

by creating some minor suspicions.

When others know that you will achieve something,

no matter big or small, in life,

they keep discouragement as a weapon against you

so that even if you get success,

your life still keep on dodging you,

like you did it through your achievements,

and when they know you are good for nothing,

they keep on motivating you,

so that even if you ever want to struggle,

you don’t,

boasting of your silver-spooned life,

that became your birth mark not an identity.

Now you choose,

which case do you belong to?’


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