Abida Perveen’s Spellbinding Show In Karachi

Abida Perveen’s Spellbinding Show In Karachi | PakistanTribe.com

Abida Perveen’s Spellbinding Show In Karachi | PakistanTribe.com[dropcap]K[/dropcap]ARACHIPakistan’s iconic singer and a renowned artist of Sufi music, Abida Perveen, mesmerized at the Institute of Business Management (IoBM) thousands of attendees with her soulful voice and energy that transcends borders, says a report from IoBM Public Affairs Section.

The audience moved, swayed, danced, and clapped at the music and sang along with Abida Perveen.

Under the clear Karachi night sky, her music added charm, color and charisma with a divine and ecstatic grace and style so distinguished, so exclusive and so exemplary of Abida Perveen indeed. She was performing at the twenty-year commemoration of IoBM, a brand name in quality education in business management and allied disciplines.

For two decades, the IoBM has been a distinguished business management institution, producing graduates with high caliber and aptitude capable of steering the corporate sector with their learning and wisdom at the local, regional, national and international levels.

Parveen’s melodious and enchanting voice enthralled audience that comprised thousands of students, faculty, management, staff, and alumni of IoBM along with an array of eminent guests as well as imminent print media organizations and popular electronic media channels covering the occasion.


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