Here’s A Guide How To Hide Dark Circles With Make-Up

Here's A Guide How To Hide Dark Circles With Make-Up|

Here's A Guide How To Hide Dark Circles With Make-Up|

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]ark circles make your eyes and the skin around look dull. Here are a few tips to hide those marks.

Makeup not only highlights your best features, but hides blemishes and marks. However, makeup can also hide dark circles and eye bags. Here’s how you can conceal those dark patches around your eyes…

Use a concealer: Dot a few drops of liquid concealer under your eyes and blend it well. Choose one that corresponds well with your skin tone.

Apply a mousse or foundation: Set your concealer using a lightweight mousse or a compact powder. Take a brush to dust little powder under your eyes. Use your fingers to blend it well. If the area is looking too stark, use a tissue to wipe the area.

Play with your eye makeup: Sweep a thick eye liner on your upper and lower lids. Blend a heavy coloured eye shadow. Apply a mascara on your upper as well as your lower lash lines.

How to keep eye makeup intact Choose a liquid eyeliner while doing your eye make-up. These are safe to use and also stay on for a longer duration of time.

Apply a bit of translucent powder before you do your eye makeup so that it stays on.

Go in for water-proof makeup that does not wash out easily. These products are available in most cosmetic stores.

Before going to bed every night, massage the eye area with a lightweight moisturiser to keep it hydrated.


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