Here’s How To Get The More Money From Your Old Gadgets

Here's How To Get The More Money From Your Old Gadgets|

Here's How To Get The More Money From Your Old Gadgets|

[dropcap]N[/dropcap]o matter how old your tech is, someone on the internet wants it especially when it comes to smartphones and tablets.

Here are some useful tips:

  • Keep them in as good condition as you possibly can. Obviously, you’ll get more cash for a phone without scratches than a phone with a cracked screen. That means you should use a case or specific carry bags for your device.
  • Keep the original box and accessories. Use any spare USB power brick and charging cable instead of using those that came with your device. People will pay more for original packaging and accessories, especially if they haven’t been used.
  • If your old gadget is in great condition, take pictures of every surface and side to show it off. Potential buyers like to see for themselves that a device is in great condition if you list it as such. So, offering several sharp, high-quality pictures to prove it will make buyers more likely to press the “buy” button.
  • Check around before selling, especially if your device isn’t in great condition. You never know if you’ll get more cash from a trade-in site than eBay.
  • Sell your device before the newest model comes out. You’ll get more cash if you sell your old device before it gets too outdated by a newer model’s release. Research the release dates for the newer models of your old gadget.

The more you get for your old device, the cheaper the new one will be.


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