Here’s Why ISI Ranked Top Best Intelligence Agency Of The World

Here's Why ISI Ranked Top Best Intelligence Agency Of The World |

Here's Why ISI Ranked Top Best Intelligence Agency Of The World |

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]SI (Inter-Services Intelligence) is a premier intelligence agency of Pakistan, known for providing highly critical national intelligence and assessment to the Government of Pakistan. Formed in 1948, ISI is located in Islamabad, Pakistan. 

ISI is the largest of the three intelligence agencies in Pakistan, the other two being Intelligence Bureau (IB) and Military Intelligence (MI).

In the year 2014, 2015 ISI ranked number one among all other world agencies but this seems to be not digest-able by  some of intelligence agencies especially the birth rival India’s RAW and the super power America’s CIA. So here we collect some logical and empirical accounts which shows why ISI is best among the all.  Americans, who are known to be the champions of war, have witnessed the heroics of ISI in 1st and 2nd Afghan war.

Let’s have a look!

According to American crime news report Pakistan intelligence Agency ISI has been declared as the best intelligence agency of the world.

ISI have the most number of agents as compare to any other intelligence agency of the world.

Former CIA agent admits that ISI is the most professional intelligence agency of the world. even former Indian Chief also admits that ISI is much more active and efficient then RAW.

Success of ISI in Afghan war-I, against Soviets, where many former CIA agents accepted their limitations in front of ISI.

Thousands of hardcore terrorists brought to Pakistan like Uzair Jan Balouch etc.

Return of Abdul Qadir Khan to pursue Pakistan’s nuclear program.

After Bhutto gave them internal control too after Dhaka Fall, one force stood up in the form of Balouch Liberation army and they were uprooted soon. Then the rehabilitation was made to console the wounds of those who were innocent victims(not killed deliberately).

Karachi Operation of 90’s and killing of more then 500 hardcore terrorists like Farooq Dada, Ashraf Kana etc.

Second Karachi operation.

2nd Afghan war and Talibans wipe out plan which later fulfilled with the help of Zarb-e-Azb.

Chinese ISI agent and information leakage from American weaponry construction department.

Zarb-e-Azb against Talibans and Karachi operation(Results are clear in front of everyone).

Lot of others but those are having different dimensions, those can lead to a conflictual debate.


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