University Scholarships – Free Education in Europe or Intellectual Theft

University Scholarships – Free Education in Europe | PakistanTribePakistan’s youth bulge is often fond of the “University Scholarships – Free Education in Europe” terms. So it was only used to attract their attention. This article would not be telling any fantasies about the European educational scholarships. It will be presenting a shocking reality of existing criminal negligence in the higher education system. Below is the actual title and piece:

Intellectual Thieves

Welcome to the age of information. If you have the information, you are ahead of the others. Designing strategies, management models and efficient use of resources only follow the availability of required information to kick start a business entrepreneurship, an academic article or anything under the sun. Raw information is scattered all around the recipients ready to be explored.

However, the personalized rather customized traits of Pakistani students to transform mere information into meaningful projects, has been casting an aspersion to credibility of many higher education institutes as a whole. If ever those are to be blamed then the phantom educationists come up with the theory of ‘education disaster’ in entire country and system. But the fact stands taller that those institutes have miserably failed to inspire thinking patterns of majority of students.

Nevertheless, structuring a healthy and scientific thinking process in students is a complete arena that will be discussed in coming days. The troublesome situation is encompassing those existing precious gems which our students produce day in, day out. The Students harness ideas for every subject they study and put it down for a phantom educationist to use it as she/he pleased.

The instructor is always few steps ahead from students. She/he also holds an authority to tell students what to do (academically). Tens of examples could be quoted where a teacher had put every student of the class on that specific research topic which she/he was pursuing in MPhil or PhD. Dr Daud Awan – one of the senior most educationists of our times – had once termed such phantom educationist as ‘dishonest black sheep’.

Beyond any doubt, a dishonest person is a hard nut to crack let alone a phantom educationist. Moreover, there are beautiful lacunas in country’s intellectual property rights. Beautiful enough to always pick holes in another’s coat. The crux of such law in Pakistan is that if the every fifth word of a written piece is being changed then it can be published with anyone’s name.

This intellectual burglary is not only confined to ideas and write-ups. In some reported cases a supervisor of final year engineering project had stolen complete products and received their copy rights without the prior knowledge of original inventor. State of affairs would be no different in other fields as well.

Have you ever been intellectually robbed by a phantom educationist? Do you know how to put a stop to it? Share it here and in next article you will be reading one very effective way to stop this exploitation.

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