Does Water Ever Expire? Scientists Answer Is Shocking

Does Water Ever Expire? Scientists Answer Is Shocking |

Does Water Ever Expire? Scientists Answer Is Shocking |

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e all need to drink water to stay alive and be ready to face the day. You can have either tap water or bottled water, depending on your preference, location, and financial situation.

But does bottled water ever expire?

The content of water

Water actually has no sugars or proteins. Therefore, microbes cannot consume it or make water rot.

The chemistry still changes

Despite this, the chemistry of water is prone to change. When you expose the water to air, CO2 becomes absorbed. About 0.13% of that turns into carbonic acid.

Bicarbonate and carbonate

Likewise, carbonic acid can lose a single proton or two. When this happens, a carbonate or bicarbonate is achieved.

Lowered pH

The carbonate or bicarbonate lessens the pH level of the water, which makes it a bit acidic. The taste of the water will also change slightly.

Can you still drink it?

You can still drink it even if it becomes a bit acidic and tasted weird. This is only harmful if you are a shellfish.

What is the problem?

What is possibly dangerous is having unsealed water. They become exposed to bacteria, although chlorine additives help prevent microbes from multiplying immediately.

Making it clear

Thus, it is not about water becoming bad by breaking down. The problem is exposing it to other nasty substances that make it bad.

Do not worry about the expiration date

You do not have to worry about the expiration date of your bottled water. There is no scientific evidence for it, and it comes from an old New Jersey law.


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