Winter Delight: Different Ways To Enjoy Strawberry This Season

Winter Delight: Different Ways To Enjoy Strawberry This Season |

Winter Delight: Different Ways To Enjoy Strawberry This Season |

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he delight of winter, this plump, red fruit can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Though the fruit is available through the year, it’s best enjoyed in the cold months.

Here are delicious variations of it, read on!

Versatile Bite:

Considered that “you eat with your eyes”, luscious strawberries have an aesthetic appeal, the fruit finds its way into desserts -cakes, purees and pies, smoothies, as well as margaritas and mocktails, among other things.Today , chefs have gotten innovative with the fruit and use it to make strawberry smoked meat and in salsas, where the preparation is poured over barbecued meat. Instead of cabbage, given a spin to the regular salad by mixing strawberries with roast sesame and adding it to salad leaves. The fruit is also a delightful tea flavour where strong black tea is combined with the sweet taste of strawberries.

Make Your Own Strawberry Infused Water:

Detox waters are a great way to flush out toxins, Keep a pitcher of this by your office desk or at home. The fruit provides antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and a twist of lemon counters the sweetness of the strawberries in addition to playing a cleansing role.Remember, the longer the strawberries infuse, the pinker the water will get. To make it: Add the wash and add the fruit to it.Using a spoon, mash the fruit slightly which helps release its natural goodness.Wash and add quarted limes. You may also add a herb of your choice. Enjoy!
Health Benefits:

Strawberries have a high quotient of vitamin C. They are also packed with antioxidants, nutrients, minerals and can reduce the risk of heart attack by preventing buildup of fatty tissue within arterial walls, fight inflammation and reduce blood pressure and risk of stroke. The fruit is also high ranked in the in B-complex group of vitamins.

Don’t Freeze:

Do not freeze strawberries because once they thaw out they become pulpy and wet and may lose taste, too.Instead, make a puree of the fruit and freeze that.



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