Some Natural Disasters That Lead World To Destruction

Some Natural Disasters That Lead World To Destruction|

Some Natural Disasters That Lead World To Destruction|

[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ou may have heard a lot of organic disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and many more occurring in past years. Few areas are affected more by these disasters. According to recent studies, a prophecy is made that many such failures tend to occur in near and distant future.

Here are the some catastrophic disasters that are predicted to occur at any point of time.

1. Wildfires US, 2015-2050

According to SEAS University, by 2050 wildfire seasons will be smokier and will scorch the greater part of US. The changing climate and the raised temperature of the earth will create such conditions that will spawn 30,000-50,000 wildfires in the US.

2. Baroarbunga Volcanic Explosion Iceland, 2014

There was a prediction about volcanic eruption of Baroarbunga, in Iceland and within few weeks the prediction came true. On August 23, 2014, the volcano started exploding beneath Dyngjujokull glacier. Later earthquakes and Holuhraun fissure erupted, which lasted for about six month.

3. Megathrust Earthquake Chile, 2015-2065

The earlier earthquake opened so big crevices that it could create a possibility of a larger earthquake in nearby places. The tension between faults causes earthquakes to take place and it is believed that till now only 33 percent of it is relieved and rest is to be predicted in future.

4. Mt. Fuji Eruption Japan, 2015-2053

Japan is the place where 110 volcanic eruptions have taken place. Out of which 47 are active, Mt. Fuji is the tallest of all volcanoes that is most likely to erupt causing a matter of concern for all Japanese citizens.

5. Earthquake-Tsunami Split Oregon, 2015-2065

The disastrous earthquake-tsunami split is predicted 97 km offshore from Oregon. It is been predicted that this split will occur inevitably killing 10,000 people and will cost US $32 billion of damage.

6. The “Big One” California, 2015-2045

According to a recent survey the probability of larger earthquake occurring and hitting California within few decades is been increased. It is been forecast that in coming 30 years the earthquake will demolish many parts of California including West Coast.




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