How To Wear Flowers In Your Hair

How To Wear Flowers In Your Hair|

How To Wear Flowers In Your Hair|

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ho says wearing flowers in your hair is silly? Celebrities have been wearing floral adornments for a long time now.We give you some tips to keep up with the trend that is coming back.

-Wear an oversized flower behind your ear. Pair any attire with a bold flower and that’s all the accessory you need! A side flower gets the thumbs up from us.

-A mogra around a bun is super stylish. It seems to be a celebrity favourite.

-Anything that comes in twos looks good. Two roses or orchids look fab and classy.

-Don’t be afraid to go messy. If you are feeling adventurous, simply place flowers of your choice, through your hair, to create your own personal style.

How to wear the flower
1. Pick a flower: Orchids, roses, gardenias are good options. Place the flower where you want and use a bobby pin to fix it. Use hair spray on the bobby pin so it stays put for a long time.

2. Refrigerate the flower overnight so it is ready to be used the next day.
3. Use serum on your hair, comb your wet hair and then blow dry it.
4. Don’t go overboard with makeup and accessories when you are wearing flowers. As for clothes, opt for lace, subtle coloured clothes.


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