Top Ten Twitter Facts You Never Knew About

Top Ten Twitter Facts You Never Knew About |

Top Ten Twitter Facts You Never Knew About |

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]ll the facts collected here are about the most popular free blogging platform founded in 2006.

Here are the Facts, read on!

1. Twitter users tend to have shorter relationships than those who don’t tweet. If you regularly use Twitter, you tend to be 5-10% less lucky in love.

2. #facebookdown is the most trending topics worldwide on Twitter. Most of the comments are from people who would like to live in the world “free from Facebook”.

3. The official twitter account of Sweden is given to a random citizen every week to manage. The goal of such approach is to show the Swedish diversity, progressiveness of Swedish people in their views and personalities.

4. Twitter was originally going to be called Twitch, because of the way a cell phone vibrates in a persons pocket. The first twit in 2006 read “Just setting up my twttr.” It was published by the co-founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey.

5. Katy Perry have more Twitter followers than Spain, Canada, North Korea and Australia have people. The star has the highest number of followers.

6. Allegedly, over 30% of Twitter Accounts are fake accounts created by the FBl and ClA to spy on people and monitor social networking. Everything matters: what you are into, what you do and what you post, they want to know your psychology.

7. Around 50 percent of Twitter users are just reading Tweets, rather than participating in discussion. Reading Twitter publications does not even require registration.

8. One of the names considered for “Twitter” was “Friendstalker.” It could be both Friends-talker or Friend-stalker!

9. Twitter’s employees have received death threats from ISIS because Twitter shuts down ISIS accounts as soon as they pop up. The threatening message was precisely addressed to Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey and promised to reply the virtual war with a real one.

10. There is a 2,400 daily Tweet limit on twitter. That is one hundred tweets an hour.


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