Amazing: Here’s How To Cook Eggs Inside Out

Amazing: Here's How To Cook Eggs Inside Out|


[dropcap]I[/dropcap]SLAMABAD – For those of you who were getting bored with boiling eggs in the traditional way with egg white surrounding the yolk, have no fear, there is now a way to swap it round.

Youtube user Yamaa Chaahan has a relatively simple way of turning your eggs inside out.

First, you take a normal egg, hold it in your hand and shine a torch through it, checking that the light shines mostly through.

Then, you wrap the egg in tape, and then tie it up in a pair of tights and spin it.

Take the egg out of the lights and return to your torch, shining it through the egg again, checking that it is now much darker.

If it is, heat it to almost boil for 15 minutes, peel and… hey presto, you have an inside out egg.

Here’s the video, Watch it!


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