Some Must Keep Snacks At Your Office Table

Some Must Keep Snacks At Your Office Table |

Some Must Keep Snacks At Your Office Table |

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]SLAMABAD – A Good work snack can make the difference between providing energy and making you lethargic. Mid work food craving in an office is a common thing. so here we select some must keep snacks at your office table to control your temptation in working hours.Take a look!!

1. Mixed dryfruit:
Having dried fruits such as almonds, raisins, dates and prunes are a good idea as they make for easy-to-carry, healthy bites. Of course, don’t go overboard too, as nuts are not really the lowest calorie option, but they have heart-friendly fats. Dried fruit are high in iron content and have other essential nutrients necessary for energy and a healthy metabolism.

2. Fruit
Cut up an apple or peel and have a banana at any time during your work day; it’s an apt anytime snack. Oranges and red grapes are also good options. Most fruits have an 80 percent content of water that will keep you hydrated. It is also a free of bad cholesterol. Strawberries and cherries also have a high anti-oxidant value.

3. Oatmeal
Unlike common perception, oatmeal is not just a breakfast food. As a great source of fiber, oatmeal can leave you feeling satiated for long. It can also reduce cholesterol and the risk of heart disease. It contains a high content of vitamins and minerals. As oatmeal is bland, you can add some honey or raisins to it.

 4. Crackers

 Whole wheat crackers make for a good cubicle snack. Top it with olives or light mayo. You can also have granola bars made of a mix of nuts, oats and honey. These are high in fiber, low in sugar and offer valuable protein.
5. Dips and veggies

 This is a quick and delicious idea. All you need is some dip and a cup of cut vegetables to dip into it. Try carrots, broccoli florets cucumber, celery and tomatoes.


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