10 Fun Facts About Snow You Never Heard Before

10 Fun Facts About Snow You Never Heard Before|PakistanTribe.com

10 Fun Facts About Snow You Never Heard Before|PakistanTribe.com

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]now is a major part of winter for many people. Get to know the flurries and flakes on a deeper level with these interesting facts.

Here are the Facts, Read on !

1. You cannot ‘trigger’ avalanches.

We have seen in many movies how someone sneezes  for that matter and upsets an avalanche which then decides to come down tumbling. That doesn’t really happen, though.

2. Snow echoes

Within snow, sound waves bounce at a high frequency, so the snow instead of absorbing a sound, reflects it.

3. The heaviest snowfall within 24 hours occurred in 1921.

In April 1921, Silver Lake, Colorado was buried in 75.8 inches. Beat that.

4. Snow isn’t actually white

Snow is translucent. It’s the light that shines off it that makes it appear white.

5. Snowflakes aren’t so pretty.

Now, that is a matter of perspective. But, snowflake really isn’t anything but mashed ice.

6. Each snowflake holds some past

each snowflake particle can be practically from any corner of the world.

7. The biggest snowflake ever fell from the sky in 1887.

This 15-inch mammoth-snow fell in Fort Keogh, Montana.

8. Alaska has the whitest Christmas in the States.

Because on an average, it gets 326 inches of snow every year.

9. Watermelon snow is poisonous

Because it has pigmented algae growing underneath and needless to say, you should not be putting toxic algae in your mouth.

10. Snow makes people crazy

Pibloktoq, more commonly known as Arctic Hysteria is a medical condition developed after staying in the snow for a long time.


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