Simple Ways To Maximize The Battery Life Of Windows 10 PC Effectively

Simple Ways To Maximize The Battery Life Of Windows 10 PC Effectively|

Simple Ways To Maximize The Battery Life Of Windows 10 PC Effectively|

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]rrespective of the Operating System version you use, Windows has been bothering us for its battery life. Although Windows 10 is the best from Windows, and is polished in many subtle ways, but the battery thing is still pretty much the same.

So, here we tell you the tips and tricks to maximize your battery life on the latest version.

Uninstall the unnecessary apps and programs

We all know about the multitude of apps that come in this operating system. And, it would be an obligation on your battery life, if you uninstall the ones that you barely use.

Unplug unnecessary devices

Although less, but it still counts. When you keep your USB or the phone connected to the PC, it consumes your battery a bit.

Manage the brightness

When you are watching a movie in a dark room, keep the brightness low as it consumes battery, too. Or, when you are leaving your PC for a while and don’t feel like shutting it down, just make it dimmer.

Keep the Desktop and system drive clean

When the PC is booted up, almost all of the system drive is loaded. The desktop comes in the purview of the system drive and therefore, everything kept there is loaded at the boot up time. So, keep it clean to save on your battery there.

The Wifi, Bluetooth and other settings

When the settings like the Wifi and Bluetooth keep running all the time, they take a toll on the battery and become a reason behind your problem. So, discontinue them when not in use.

Reduce the volume

Although we might not be listening to anything, but, due to the powerful speakers and audio, they suck in a lot of battery when the volume is pumped up. So keep it to the minimum and raise it when required.

Update windows while charging

Since your operating system is nagging you once in every while about updating it to Windows 10, make sure you plugin your charger in your PC before you do so, since you can’t say how long it might take for your particular machine.

The battery saver mode

There are 2 modes in Windows 10- the battery saver mode and the default mode. The battery saver mode can reduce the battery usage by 20 percent.


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