Common Hair Care Mistakes You Commit Everyday

Common Hair Care Mistakes You Commit Everyday|

Common Hair Care Mistakes You Commit Everyday|

[dropcap]E[/dropcap]very person is possessive about his or her hair density. As hair regrowth takes many months while hair fall takes place in few minutes. People try out many techniques to halt the hair fall process, but we just ignore the daily prevailing blunders that we make during our routines.

I am sharing a list of all those actions that we perform regularly.

Combing Hair While They Are Wet

Brushing your hair or styling them when they are wet may split your hair strands from you. During moist state the hair gets separated easily from scalp which may result in drastic hair fall.

Brushing Your Hair Continuously

Too often we comb our hair in a much aggressive manner. So if you style up your hair boldly then it may result in much breakage.

Too Much Care Always Hurts

As the proverb says too much care hurts, it fits to the hair styling as well. If you wash your hair intermittently or over process it then it leads to periodical shedding of hair.

Not Ever Brush Curly Hair Strands

Curly hair requires a different combing practice along with the specialized combs so never brush curly hair if you have. After your hair breakage the strand becomes so weak that other techniques may show their effect in longer time

Dehydrate Your Hair To The Crimped Point

Dry frizzy ends are embarrassing in front of others. Before you feel a need to trim your hair, moisturize them with enough oils otherwise your daily activities and weather may ruin your hair ends.

Over Processing Like Blow Drying, Straightening

Many girls go for straightening, rebonding, and blow drying on a regular basis which damages their hair. So girls keep it plain and simple as possible. Blow dry less and avoid excessive styling.

Using Conditioner For Full head

Girls out there might get surprised to know that conditioners should be used for ends only; conditioning whole head may damage roots. Use may feed your hair with avocado and olive oil for better results.

Drying Hair With Towel

Yes it’s true that many of you have always been using towel to dehydrate your hair instead using a soft t-shirt or soothing cloth perhaps avoids snapping the hair strands.

Say A Big No To Wearing Wet Hair

If you practice wearing of hair in a wet state, stop doing it as soon as you come to know. You should Tying up wet hair as it doubles the shedding of hair leading to a big hair fall.


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