Letter To Editor: Fruits Of VIP Culture In Pakistan

Letter To Editor: Fruits Of VIP Culture In Pakistan | PakistanTribe.com

Letter To Editor: Fruits Of VIP Culture In Pakistan | PakistanTribe.com
[dropcap]R[/dropcap]espected Sir,

“Bilawal, who always had security concerns, is dearest to us and whatever we did it was in the better interest of the country. As the country’s well being is linked to their security.” (Nisar Khuhro)

Is this explanation is quite enough for the victim’s family?

The fector of VIP culture in Pakistan is widespread. It wipes out the idea of equality and creates an unbalance atmosphere among citizens. A very small group of society enjoys special privileges and protocols as they are escorted by police, gunmen and bodyguards. VIP culture should be no more flourished in Pakistan as it generates a status difference among the citizens.

VIP trend in Islamic Republic of Pakistan has been a matter of concern for common people. So called Government officials, politicians and their families enjoy protocols and many more perks of a lavish and luxurious life. The universal fact of VIP culture that everyone has to face is the road blocks and long traffic jams. Whenever a VIP has to travel by road, the traffic police bounds all the roads and stops the traffic till that person reaches at his destination safe and sound. The long wait is very torturous for many people. Ambulances are also stuck in this traffic and patients have to face hurdles while reaching the hospitals, other people rushing to their places of work and many students have their exams are also get in to this trouble. The prominent reason for all such measures is the safety precautions of these elite class people. No matter how many hours people have to wait in order to get green signal from police.

Sir, this trend in Pakistan has to change now. A common man wants the public representatives and government officials to go through the process when they have to wait in long hours traffic jams. Now the time has come when all the citizens of Pakistan are treated equally in terms of law. We as a nation have to work as a cohesive force to bring some vital changes in this country’s governance. VIP culture should be roll down which is not more than a curse for us. If we still don’t move and take out step against this culture so we should prepare ourselves to lose one more Bisma again.


Ammara Javed from Rawalpindi


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