Pakistanis are not allowed!

Pakistanis are not allowed | PakistanTribePakistanis are not allowed! This is what “La Maison”, a French restaurant in Islamabad says. Indicating that we may have got independence from British Raj but we are still under authority of western masters through our puppet leaders.

This is not the first incident, rather in 2009 another French restaurants “The Cordon Rouge” did the same by hanging a “foreigners only” sign, which was later removed after protest by citizens.

More severe case was in 2011 when an American contractor (Hired killer) killed two Pakistanis in Lahore in broad day light. Though he was arrested by the police near the spot but Rather than making him a symbol for Justice our rulers helped him to escape under the lame excuse of “diplomatic immunity” and flaws in Pakistani laws.

The truth is He was allowed to exist safely because he was from the superior western society, while those two innocents from Lahore were worthless Muslims.
To my amusement Pakistanis are even not allowed to enter the Diplomatic enclave in Islamabad!

Isn’t it the same policy which British masters left? It seems that from Pakistan’s constitution to education policy, from ruling families to establishment, all are following the same principles provided by British masters.

In other words we are the black slaves who work in farms for their white masters, we are the Asians who work in garment industry for western masters, our armed forces are hired mercenaries to fight their “War against Terror”, we are the one without any human rights. We are the one arrested, tortured and kept is prisons without having the right to ask WHY?

These events should force the ordinary citizens of Pakistan to think whether we ever got independence? Or was it only a change of masters? From British to local puppets of west?

We should know whether these rulers and this system are acting in our best interests or is it safeguarding the interests of western colonialist and capitalist masters?

As those who live under the delusion of independence will never put efforts to break these colonialist chains. Now it’s up to the citizens of this Pakistan to decide whether they prefer to live under this slavery or they want to struggle for what their forefathers failed to achieve?

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Jamil Behram

Jamil Behram is a Pakistani writer. He writes on Pakistan trends and social affairs.

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