10 Resolutions Pakistani Girl Can Make For 2016

10 Resolutions Pakistani Girl Can Make For 2016 |PakistanTribe.com

10 Resolutions Pakistani Girl Can Make For 2016 |PakistanTribe.com

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]SLAMABAD – As 2015 ends, people tend to resolve to work on things that they’d like to fix for the coming year. More often than not, these resolutions are avoided a month into the new year. However, it’s always best to start a year with a clear idea and plan in mind.

So what are a few resolutions Pakistani girls can make?

1. Go easy on Hum TV

Let’s just unanimously agree to go easy on the constant back and forth between an angrysaas and a stubborn bahu. And if you do want to watch it, please don’t compare those scenarios to real life.

2. Stop sharing Qandeel Baloch videos

Let’s just resolve to stop making her more famous by constantly sharing her videos, even if they are ‘marvulus.’ And yes, even sharing them ironically needs to be stopped.

3. Go easy during the sales

Let’s act civilised and try to go easy on the number of doors we break this year. Please?

4. Speak Up

Undoubtedly, the past year has seen people using social media as a platform where they can raise their voice against injustice or matters close to their heart. In a society where women tend to be silenced, let’s resolve to speak up against what we feel is wrong in the coming years.

5. Listen

You may not always be right, and that’s okay. Broaden your perspective, open up to the opinions of others. Let’s resolve to just listen once in a while before getting into a fight.

6. Support fellow women

Instead of allowing ourselves to be pitted against each other, let’s resolve to be more supportive of each other’s choices, decisions and lifestyles. It’s easy to criticize all the time and tear each other down. Let’s resolve to help our society evolve by forging a sense of unity.

7. Shut down the Aunties

Let’s resolve to not take bullshit. Aunty’s rishta requirements are gol rotis and saaf rung? Tell it to her like it is. Let’s agree to shut down irrational people because, let’s face it, it’s high time we did.

8. Stand up for yourself

It’s high time women started respecting their own minds and bodies. Being a martyr or a pushover is not wise. Draw your own boundaries and make sure no one crosses them. Should anyone overstep, refer to resolution number 5.

9. Do what you want to do, not what others think is good

How about we make this the year where we do things because we want to instead of doing them because we want to fit in?Let’s make this the year where we celebrate ourselves as individuals.

10. Love yourself

We tear ourselves down enough and so does everyone else. let’s avoid being our own worst critics. Trust me, society’s doing an excellent job at that. Let’s resolve to make this the year where we look at ourselves and love the reflection in the mirror. Let’s put mental and physical health and comfort above all else. We deserve it.



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