Four Wrong Habits Which Are Bad For Your Skin

Four Wrong Habits Which Are Bad For Your Skin|

Four Wrong Habits Which Are Bad For Your Skin|

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hile we always talk about things that are good for your skin, there are things that might be harmful to it to. Here are top four reasons that might be sabotaging your attempts to a glowing skin.


If you have regular skin eruptions, find out if you suffer from seasonal allergies. Apart from those even irritants like pollen, dust, and feathers can find their way into your bed, resulting in red, watery eyes and unwanted puffiness each morning. The best thing to do is – keep your sheets and pillow covers clean by washing them in hot water each week. Also change, blankets and duvets regularly.

Regular late nights

Once in a while it is okay to have a late night but if they become regular, you become sleep-deprived. This leads to a blood flow, thanks to an increase in cortisol, showing up in the form of dark under-eye circles. These are actually engorged blood vessels beneath the surface. An antidote for this is to do a sleep cheat on nights when you don’t get a full eight hours sleep. Use soothing eye pads which are cooling, and help contract blood vessels, leading to soothing eyes which brighten over time.

Bad food habits

Spicy food and Chinese takeouts are surefire ways to puff up your eyes in the morning. The spices and sodium in the food retains fluid making your body and face to bloat. Try to eat less oily and fried food and opt for fresh salads and vegetables.


Boozing all night is another reason that you end up with a bad face and red eyes the next day not to mention the unwanted headache and hangover. Ensure proper sleep and rest the next day to encourage drainage from around the eye area till it looks normal.


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