10 Bizarre And Crazy Facts About Cats

10 Bizarre And Crazy Facts About Cats|Pakistantribe.com

10 Bizarre And Crazy Facts About Cats|Pakistantribe.com

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]ats usually get a bad rap. They always suffer when compared to dogs. Man’s best friend is in all of the movies, they rescue people that are trapped in the snow, and they’re just super cute and snuggly.

These are 10 bizarre and crazy facts about cats!

1-At night, Disneyland is overrun by cats. The theme park feeds them and takes care of them though, because they keep the rodent population in check.

2-Cats lack antibodies against dog blood so they can only receive it via a transfusion once. The second time would kill them.

3-Japan has “cat cafes” where you can go have a coffee and chill out with a bunch of cats.

4-The Indiana State Prison allows prisoners to adopt a cat and keep it in their cell. They are meant to improve the mood of the prisoners.

5-When professor of physics Jack H. Hetherington was told he couldn’t be the sole author of one of his papers because he used pronouns like “we”, he added his cat as an author.

6-Thank to an extremely efficient pair of kidneys, cats can hydrate themselves by drinking salt water.

7-In Islam, cats are revered for their cleanliness. Muhammad is reported to have said that “a love of cats is an aspect of faith”.

8-The CIA dropped over $20 million to equip a “spy cat” that would spy on the Soviets. It was hit by a taxi.

9-The city of York in England is home to 22 cat statues scattered about on rooftops and houses. The cats have been said to protect the residents.

10-A cat named Emmy lived aboard the RMS Empress of Ireland and she never missed a voyage. On May 28,1914, however, she refused to board. The ship left without her and then sank the following day.


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