Here Is Sonam Kapoor’s New Year Resolution

Here Is Sonam Kapoor's New Year Resolution|

Here Is Sonam Kapoor's New Year Resolution|

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]UMBAI – Sonam Kapoor, who is fiercely independent, has managed her own finances since she was a teenager and is determined to better herself in 2016 “by being healthier, fitter and happier.” Despite this self-improvement mission, she doesn’t shy away from embracing her fun side: she dreams about filling her wardrobe space with a certain pair of Stella McCartney loafers.

For someone who dreams about fashion, it’s hardly surprising that she tops many style surveys, including Vogue India’s first-ever ‘What Women Want’ survey in the January 2016 issue.

Here’s what the actress said in her interview to the magazine about her goals for 2016.

I will think before I react
Sonam admits she lets her motor mouth get the better of her. “Sarcasm gets lost a lot of times… especially with me. People tend to take me very literally,” she says. This year, the actor will attempt to practise brevity in speech and “think things through and react with a little more patience.”

I want to do more meaningful cinema
Sonam strongly believes that young girls need to have a voice in India. It’s the reason why, since the early days of her career, she has tackled female-centric roles head-on, she says. “I want to be remembered for good work or not remembered at all,” she declares. Films like Aisha (2010) andKhoobsurat (2014) had strong female leads, even if they were a bit silly. With her upcoming release, Neerja, Sonam hopes to better herself (it’s the most emotionally challenging role she has done so far). Produced by photographer Atul Kasbekar and Fox Star Studios, Neerja tells the story of the 22-year-old PanAm flight attendant, Neerja Bhanot, who was killed while trying to help passengers escape the Mumbai-New York flight hijacked in 1986.

I will shop less
“There are so many ways to cheat (on this resolution), so I’ll give up half my credit cards and add a credit card limit. Save more, shop less , that’s the only way.”

I won’t stand bullying
Last year, Sonam’s tweet about misogyny and the beef and porn bans went viral. “It was a general mindset that I was critiquing,” she explains. She adds, “Initially, I tried to respond to each one and after that I was just like, “F**k it. I will say what I want to say,” she declares.

I will make healthy Routine 
“I’m a food-obsessed human being. I get excited ordering pav bhaji, which is so embarrassing for my team,” she says. “I eat absolute rubbish, (and this year) I need to stop doing that and start taking care of my health.” A healthy lifestyle starts with the right diet and for Kapoor, that’s where the struggle lies. “I don’t mind being bigger or having bad skin, but I do mind being unhealthy.”


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