Top Fitness Trends In 2015

Top Fitness Trends In 2015|

Top Fitness Trends In 2015|

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]Fitness is the main element of routine life to remain healthy. If you are not familiar with the top exercises or fitness trends of 2015 then you are missing something healthy in your life

Here are the top fitness trends of 2015, Read on!

The pursuit of the most Instagrammable and internet-breaking derriere topped the wishlist of gym-goers this year. Yes, 2015 was the year of the booty, inspired in part by the likes of Kim Kardashian and Beyonce. And to achieve a killer butt, the humble squat was the go-to exercise. Some fitness experts came up with as many as 40 variations in four different categories  body weight, plyometric, weighted, and equipment for some squatting pleasure.

Whether you are looking to count your daily steps, keep track of your sleep pattern or see how many calories you burn, a slew of fitness gadgets was on fitness freaks’ must-buy list. These devices now work together with smartphone apps and websites to help you view your activities, set health goals, share your achievements with friends and sometimes provide extra motivation to get off the couch.

Boot camps and boutique camps started to gain momentum this year. These small, specialist fitness studios promote working out in a group setting in a fun, challenging and motivating atmosphere instead of working one-on-one with a personal trainer in a traditional gym. Moreover, they design workouts that increase your cardio fitness, strength and agility while simultaneously burning fat. With more and more people, especially women, desiring a lean body, these boot camps proved to be a great way to getting fitter and stronger.

‘No-strings-attached’ is a playful approach to fitness wherein you primarily enjoy unparalleled flexibility by not having to commit to a membership at one gym or studio. The idea is to challenge your body and keep it on its toes. Variation makes achieving fitness goals faster as you are hitting your muscles in different ways, angles and intensities.

With stylish celebrities constantly showing off their in-shape bodies on Instagram, and uploading their live workout videos, fitness is becoming a part of everybody’s lives and is not a separate activity anymore. People have started looking at fitness as a social experience; it’s no longer seen as something that you only do to stay fit and healthy. One of the coolest examples would be the increasing number of participants in marathons and triathlons in different parts of the country.

Express workouts that typically last for 20 minutes or less proved to be a wonderful fitness solution for people who are running in and out of meetings all day. If you are on-the-go most of the time, this workout helps generate maximum results in minimum time.


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