Here Are Few Easy Tips To Save Party Food

Here Are Few Easy Tips To Save Party Food|

 Here Are Few Easy Tips To Save Party Food|

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s you prepare to host lunches and dinners, make sure you don’t end up wasting food.We usually bulk-buy grocery when preparing food for a big gathering, and a lot of it goes waste. Here’s how you can avoid it.

Here are tips, Read on !!

Keep an eye on what’s inside your fridge. Be mindful of the perishable food you have and plan meals to fit in with their best-before dates.

Store food according to the instructions on pack – leaving food out of the fridge can cut the life of foods like milk, cooked meats and salad by up to 100%.

Using leftovers to make delicious meals is a smart way to ensure you eat everything you buy.

When cooking, use every piece of whatever food you’re cooking with. For example, leave the skin on cucumbers and potatoes, saute broccoli stems along with the florets, and so on

Veggies don’t have to be tossed just because they’re not as fresh. Soft fruit can be used in smoothies; wilting vegetables can be used in soups, etc. And both wilting fruits and veggies can be turned into delicious, nutritious juices.


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