Some Amazing Things That Might Surprise You About Kids

Some Amazing Things That Might Surprise You About Kids|

Some Amazing Things That Might Surprise You About Kids|

[dropcap]K[/dropcap]ids are crazy. Seriously, Did you know that your toddler is a genius? He or she is capable of learning a potentially limitless number of languages fluently within several years. Also, did you know that your children can hear more sounds than you do? If you listen to a foreign language you might run across words and sounds that seem exactly the same to your ears.

This is all to say, kids are amazing. The way their brain works is very different from adults and that is why there is so much potential for conflict between kids and their parents.

These are some things that might surprise you about kids!

1-It is illegal to homeschool children in Germany.

2-In 2013, a school in New York City was shut down and several students were hospitalized because some 6th graders sprayed too much axe.

3-A recent study polled 250 children on their opinion of clowns and 100% of them said they found clowns frightening.

4-There is a McDonalds in Sydney, Australia that plays classical music at night to keep teenagers away.

5-The time machine in Back to the Future was originally going to be a refrigerator but it was changed due to fears that children would start locking themselves in refrigerators.

6-During a recent study where children had to choose between chocolate or broccoli, 80% chose chocolate. However, if an Elmo sticker was placed on the broccoli that number dropped to 50%.

7-Nearly 20 million kids in the United States rely on meal programs at school to keep from going hungry.

8-In 2015, a baby was born after it had been cryogenically frozen for 13 years as an embryo. To make things even weirder, the baby is a triplet but the two siblings are already teenagers.

9-When Iqbal Masih escaped a carpet factory in Pakistan at the age of 10 he became an international activist against child labor. After he was gunned down three years later, Pakistan’s carpet industry took a serious hit.

10-In South Korea it is illegal for kids under the age of 18 to play video games past midnight.



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