Mother Lost Her Child 5 Days Before Christmas, Her Story Will Make You Cry

Mother Lost Her Child 5 Days Before Christmas, Her Story Will Make You Cry|

Mother Lost Her Child 5 Days Before Christmas, Her Story Will Make You Cry|

[dropcap]E[/dropcap]DINBURGH – Christmas is just a few days away. The streets are filled with people looking for Christmas presents, shopping for new clothes and shoes, and basically hanging out to enjoy the festive mood.

However, not everyone gets to enjoy Christmas, because some do not make it. This is the sad yet heartwarming story of love and loss that everyone, even those who are not parents, should cherish. It’s not every year that we would be together with our parents and kids and siblings, so let’s make the best of it.

Arlene Clark is a 31-year-old mother from Renfrew, Scotland who has an adorable son named Jack. Three years ago, Arlene sadly lost Jack, just five days before Christmas.

Just like any other parent, Arlene was busy for Christmas because of all the preparations, the events, and basically everything that characterizes Christmas. What Arlene realized, perhaps too late, was that she should have focused on something more important: her child.

Arlene Clark decided to post a heartfelt post on Facebook about the importance of giving time for your children, your lover, and your family as a whole instead of being busy about the material things every time.

Arlene was too busy back in December 2012 because she was seeing Christmas movies, shopping for Christmas gifts, preparing holiday decorations, planning Christmas events, that by the end, nothing seemed to matter since 5-year-old Jack passed away.

Jack was attacked by an adenovirus that took a grip of his heart and eventually took away his life. Even with all the material things we need and want, it’s best to put things and perspective and realize that all we do is for the betterment of people we love.

Because of Jack’s early death, he wasn’t able to happily open his presents, to go around the house looking for Santa, and have a festive mood because of the simple fact that it was the Christmas season.

Other people have expressed their support and shared their own stories since then. Perhaps it’s time for everyone to just simply be happy that families are together, because everyone has busy lives, and Christmas should be a time of comfort that there will always be a welcoming family.


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