The Celebrated Daredevil

The Celebrated Daredevil |

The Celebrated Daredevil |
[dropcap]H[/dropcap]aving bestowed with tags like the libertarian’s hero, whistle blower, traitor, etc; both revered and notoriously known, Edward J. Snowden alleged of leaking top secret intelligence information of pervasive surveillance i.e. NSA’s signal intelligence agenda.

He, being an erstwhile CIA employee and NSA contractor cum computer professional per se was quite a catch for such surveillance schemes.

His naivety and burdened self-esteem stimulated him to unveil the treachery on part of the state as well as defended the individual’s very privacy. The irony being, state officials tend(ed) to be engrossed in that conspiring bustle of collecting of data through interception of phone calls, text messages, e-mails, web browsing, etc.

This scenario portrays a ghoulish not to mention an outlandish contour of unchecked state activities. This serves as another political fictitious tale for the contemporary digital age plus fuel for journalistic campaigns. In another frame of reference, put simply, a real-time marvel of the skirmish between individuals and state.

It is argued to be the pointblank perversion of technology or power by the governments to avert transnational terrorism on the expense of the citizens’ privacy. Thus far, NSA has had been putting up a pretense of shielding national security while abusing the signal intelligence for its underlying motive of competing holistically in the international arena.

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