Some Curious Facts About Cockroaches

Some Curious Facts About Cockroaches |

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]hey disgust most normal people, but actually they are not so bad and filthy. We’ll tell you more about cockroaches, some of these facts may change your mind.

Here are the Facts!

1- Not all of them are bad and harmful. Only 1% of all species are pests (thirty species).

2- Maximum time they can live without water is one week. However they can easily live for a long time without food.

3- No matter what you say, there are cockroaches in your food. Cockroach legs and antennae are present in each chocolate bar, in cheese, peanut butter and popcorn. But don’t worry it’s disgusting to realize but it’s safe for your health.

4- A cockroach can live for a week without its head. It does not depend on its mouth or nostrils, because it can breathe through tiny holes in other segments of its body.

5- Cockroaches start each new day with no memories about their yesterday.

6- They like when you touch them. Roaches are thigmotropic, they like to squeeze thru different holes and openings as they enjoy the feeling of a tight fit.

7- Cockroaches are bad for those people who have asthma or allergies. They produce proteins and carry bacteria that can make deseases spread.

8- One female coakroach gives birth to 400 offspring at a time. Roaches mate only once. The sperm is stored in a body of the female for 12-months lifespan and used when needed.

9-  There was a species glowing in the dark. It is called Luchihormetica luckae and it came from Equador in 1939. It is extinct now, as its habitat was devastated by a volcano.


10-Cockroaches can eat absolutely anything. They do not disdain to eat dead animal skin, garbage or feces. Your food is okay for them too, of course.



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