Few Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know About The Middle East

Few Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know About The Middle East|PakistanTribe.com

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]uch pressure all over the world is coming out in regard to the Middle East. These facts are interesting and useful to know for everyone who wants to avoid improper conclusions and wrong stereotypes.

1- The Middle East does not always mean Islamism. There are many Christians in the Arab world – they come from Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Palestine, Jordan and Northern Africa.

2- Many states of the Middle East have their own national beers. And the more Christians it has, the better beer’s taste is.

3- Lebanese are crazy about plastic surgery. Just imagine, the population of the country is 4 million, 1,5 million of them have plastic surgery procedures.

4- The largest Muslim population lives in Indonesia. Officially there are six religions in the country, 87.2% of the population are Muslim.

5- In Lebanon you may enjoy both seasons on the same day. Skiing in the morning and lying on a beach in the afternoon, where else is it possible?

6- 20% of the Israel’s population are Arabs. More exact number is 1,413,500 people. As for the Jewish population, the figures are the following – 6,300,000 (74.9%).

7- The most terrifying terrorist attack in Dubai was not organized by al Qaeda. It was arranged by Omani communists in 1961. It killed 238 people then.

8- Gaza people love KFC more than you do. They even take a serious risk and smuggle it past the Egyptian soldiers thru tunnels from Egypt.

The UAE has a lower crime rate than in many most civilized countries like Great Britain, Australia, the USA, Canada, New Zealand.

9- Even pickpocketing is comparatively low according to the statistics. However normal precautions should be taken by travellers in the UAE.

10- Almost half of Arab girls do not have cellphones. It is 84 million women across the region. The cheaper gadgets and billing plans could help.



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