Reasons and Remedies: Youngsters With Graying Hair

Reasons and Remedies: Youngsters With Graying Hair|

Reasons and Remedies: Youngsters With Graying Hair|

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]SLAMABAD – Men and women alike seek for gorgeous hair; thick, lustrous and any color but white. Mostly, people who are stepping into their 4th and 5th decade of life face whitening and graying of hair, giving evidence of their age.

However, premature graying of hair is much of a bigger problem than whitening due to age.


Here are some of the reasons why youngsters end up having graying hair:

Lack of melanin
Youngsters face graying of hair due to various problems. However, the root cause is the wearing off melanin, a pigment that determines your hair and skin color. Unfortunately, this process cannot be reversed or prevented but, it can definitely be slowed down.

Youngsters under too much stress are likely to develop white hair. Their problems can range from personal to academic and work-related.

Another great factor that could predispose youngsters to whitening of air is genetic heredity. If a person’s grandparents and parents suffered from premature graying of hair, there are high chances that they will too.

Improper diet
Improper diet lacking in vitamin 12 can also lead to whitening of hair. Foods such as sardines, tuna, salmon, beef, lamb and eggs can help combat that.

Chain smokers also tend to have more white hair than non-smokers.

Lastly, emotional shock can have devastating effects on a person. White hair starts occurring during a rough time in a person’s life and may get back to dark color once the person gets over the emotional turmoil.


Whitening of grey hair can be slowed down, if not completely stopped or reversed.

Walking barefoot on wet grass
Walking barefoot on wet grass early morning has a lot of health benefits, one of which is prevention of occurrence of white hair.

Change in diet
You can change a lot about yourself by changing your diet. Incorporate fresh fruit and vegetable juices in your diet. Avoid fizzy, sugary drinks that give you no health benefit rather predispose you to various diseases. Specifically carrot, alfalfa and lettuce juice is very beneficial for hair growth. Wheat sprout juice is also said to prevent whitening of hair.

Adding vitamin B12 to diet
Vitamin B12 is another nutrient that you have to add to your diet to slow down graying of hair. You can do that by taking supplements but the best way is to achieve them from food sources. As mentioned earlier, white and red meat, eggs, green vegetables and yellow fruits are the best source of vitamin B12.

Inclusion of iodine
You should also include iodine to your diet. Bananas, carrot and sea food all contain iodine.  Iodinated salt and water are also used in hilly areas to compensate for iodine deficiency.

Herbs and spices
There are also numerous herbs and spices used to retain hair color since times immemorial. Barhmi, shikakai and shuwu are a few of those. They are eaten and applied to hair mixed with hair mud masque and almond or coconut oil. They are often boiled in water and used to rinse hair. Curry leaves are also used in similar manner and eaten as well.

Apply oil regularly
Last but not the least, oil your hair. Men, for a very long time, have been using coconut and almond oil to prevent whitening of hair of head, eye-brows and even moustache. Oil is extremely vital for strength and quality of hair. Sesame oil and methi seed powder are combined and stored to use for hair massage. Ridge gourd is boiled and added to coconut oil and used in the same way.


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