People Witness Horrible Incident In Air Show

People Witness Horrible Incident In Air Show|

People Witness Horrible Incident In Air Show|

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]EIJING – A Helicopter pilot in China stole the entire air show with an amazing stunt. He opened the drinks bottle with the help of a bottle opener tied to his choppers slid. It was the best show of amazing flying expertise and control over the machine by anyone.

Any pilot having amazing flying skills can take part in an air show. However, the pilots have to pass some certain tests before participating in any show. The helicopter or the jet taking part in the acrobatic show must also be certified and insured for any sudden incident according to the laws of flaying.

Here’s the video:

Man falls from plane by siasitalk

The helicopter prepared for an air show is usually very light weight and smaller in size. However, some companies do make the big choppers for shows on the special orders by a pilot. Pilots like to flay lighter choppers mostly in the acrobats but they need heavy machines for long traveling in air stunts.

The helicopter pilots have to get a lot of training before flaying in any air show. A slight mistake by any pilot can take the chopper down to the earth. It can create a huge loss on the ground as well. As many people gathers to watch the air shows around the air fields.

Many helicopter incidents were witnessed in the past during the air shows. Several people had suffered in those incidents. The choppers start burning immediately if any mishap takes place in the air during performance.  Survival chances for a pilot becomes very less in any incident during air show.


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