14 Bizarre Facts About China That Nobody Ever Believes

14 Bizarre Facts About China That Nobody Ever Believes|PakistanTribe.com

14 Bizarre Facts About China That Nobody Ever Believes|PakistanTribe.com

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]hina is an Asian country with the immense power to attract tourism. It can offer travellers a varied experience due to its rich culture and beautiful geography.

But, there are a lot of mysteries that are hidden behind the country boasting The Great Wall Of China which is the only site visible from the moon.

Here are the facts: Read on !!

Death Penalty

The death penalty is abolished in many countries. But, it is increasing in China at a rate that the cases of death penalty in China in a year is four times that in the whole world.

Shortage of women!

By 2020, it is expected that 30-40 million Chinese male will have no girl to marry.

Birth defects in China

China is dealing with medical anomalies as a baby with birth defects is born in every 30 seconds.

Air pollution in China

One third of the total air pollution in San Francisco comes from China!

Testing on animals

Cosmetic products are first tested over animals, before going to the markets.

Censor board!

The word “Censorship” is censored in China!

Cat eating

Four million cats are consumed annually in China.

Women parcelled

In 1973, China sent 10 million Chinese women to United States so that U.S. can increase its population.


Pigeons are used for sending messages by the Chinese army. They are trained as “reserve pigeon army”.


20 million trees, aged 20 years are cut down annually to make chopsticks. 45 billion chopsticks are used every year in China.


If a woman in China is in her late 20s and, she is called “Sheng Nu” which means a leftover woman.


One has to take government’s approval before family planning in China!

Dog meat

A festival is celebrated in China in which dog meat is consumed in a massive quantity.


Vacations in China takes place at same time for everyone. It happens around the China’s new year and is a 40 day vacation.



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