Why You Must Have “Desi Ghee” In Winters

Why You Must Have "Desi Ghee" In Winters |PakistanTribe.com

Why You Must Have "Desi Ghee" In Winters |PakistanTribe.com

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]esi ghee or clarified butter, has largely suffered in the last decade in light of researches that denounced it as unhealthy and harmful. A source of saturated fat, it was said to cause blocked arteries and obesity. But how much should we trust these researches ?

Ghee or clarified butter made from cow’s milk has been used to treat a number of ailments like cough and cold, weakness, skin diseases and pimples. It is said that aged cow’s ghee when applied on chest loosens cough and when onions fried in it are eaten, they relieve sore throat. Ghee is an essential part of Pakistan’s ancient super food which is a must have during winters.

According to celebrity nutritionist Sandhya Gugnani, winter is the best time to have ghee as it is easily digested and also provides the much needed warmth to the body.

Ghee being a fat soluble vitamin is rich in vitamin A, D, E,K. Ghee helps our body to absorb and make use of these vitamins. So basically it helps in digestion and enhances eyesight, keep muscles healthy and take out impurities from the body. Most importantly it has a softening effect and prevents dryness of skin which is quite common during winter season .

1/2 a tea spoon of ghee is good during morning followed by a hot beverage like green tea or regular tea / coffee. says Sandhya.

Here are five reasons why you must have a tea-spoon of ghee daily.

1. It prevents dryness of skin and keeps it well moisturized. Use some melted ghee as hair oil and see how it works wonders.

2. It has vitamin A which is good for eyesight. It helps control eye pressure and is beneficial to glaucoma patients.

3. It keeps joints healthy as it provides the desired lubrication.

4. Ghee has stable saturated bonds and so is lot less likely to form the dangerous free radicals when cooking and hence is a safer cooking medium.

5. Ghee is rich with antioxidants and acts as an aid in the absorption of vitamins and minerals from other foods, serving to strengthen the immune system.

6. It helps in healing burns. According to Ayurveda, ghee is good for brain as it makes it sharper and increases memory retention.


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