Pakistan shocked as ‘Pakistanis not Allowed’ in Islamabad restaurant

Pakistanis not allowed in Islamabad restuarantMany Pakistanis on social media are quite surprised to find out that a new restaurant in Islamabad does not allow Pakistanis and they call it their policy.

Is it beginning of a new colonial era?

This is the question every other Pakistani is asking these days on social media. The comments on Facebook and tweeter talk about old colonial practices when natives of a country were not allowed in high-end restaurants and there used to be signages saying ” Native are not allowed unless they serve you tea”.

Nowadays these kind of comments are called ‘ hate speech” or racism and no one can afford to say these things any more but people think there are other ways to say the same thing.

For example this restaurant in Islamabad says that they don’t allow Pakistanis because they serve mainly non-halal food.

The argument makes some sense but people on social media are not willing to accept it at all. They say it it yet another way to disallow natives because Pakistani and Muslim are not synonyms.

This whole debate is getting momentum on social media.The name of the restaurant is La Maison and it is situated in F-7 Islamabad.

The people who call the restaurant for a booking, have to confirm  their nationality, which should  either be non-Pakistani or they should have dual nationality.

It should be mentioned here that even in India there are restaurants which don’t allow Indian passport holders but there is hue and cry in press and social media against them and now Planet guidebook has omitted these places from its main edition in response to this. When can we achieve this in Pakistan?. This is the question people asking on social media.

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