FPW 2015: Introducing The Rembrandt Collection By Nilofer Shahid

FPW 2015: Introducing The Rembrandt Collection By Nilofer Shahid | PakistanTribe.com

FPW 2015: Introducing The Rembrandt Collection By Nilofer Shahid | PakistanTribe.com

LAHORE – Pakistan’s pre-eminent couturier Nilofer Shahid will be presenting her “Rembrandt Collection” as the grand finale to Fashion Pakistan Week [FPW15], Winter / Festive 2015 on Monday, 30th November 2015.

Nilofer Shahid’s creative obsession with the great Dutch artist Rembrandt began six years ago during a visit to the Rijks Museum, Amsterdam, when she was spellbound by the sheer genius of Rembrandt. The Rembrandt Collection is the realisation of that grand obsession into sartorial expression.

Rembrandt has captivated the imagination of millions over the centuries, but no one in the East has paid tribute to his work in the form of couture. Nilofer’s Rembrandt Collection is in many ways a conversation between the two artists and a powerful expression of her fascination with the Master.

The collection is based on the Life & Works of the Maestro. The Five Segments of the Collection depict unique stages of Rembrandt’s life and artistic career: Etching; Chiaroscuro (light and shadow); Baroque; Military; Melancholy.

Garments in each category reflect some of Rembrandt’s most celebrated paintings. Every dress is a story, treated in layers, never drifting from its artistic dialogue; each dress is a tribute to the artist’s devotion and creativity. The showstopper is inspired by one of Rembrandt’s most famous romantic paintings, “The Jewish Bride,”- a work of awesome solemnity that represents a deep fusion of spiritual and physical love, unsurpassed in the history of painting.

The collection uses a variety of luxurious fabrics including Velvet, Cashmere, Kimkhwab (our local hand-woven brocade), Jamavar, Duchess Satin, Chantilly lace, Organza and various silks. Nilofer has employed a combination of modern and traditional techniques including digital-printing, laser-cutting, zardozi, resham and stonework in her Baroque embellishments. She has used semi-precious stones and pearls to accentuate 3-D embroidery and has developed a unique chainmail effect. Nilofer’s couture roots are reflected in the emphasis on structure and impeccable detailing.

All of the accessories for the collection have been created in-house, including shoes, bags, jewellery and headpieces. Watch for copper accents throughout, including copper heels, armbands and earcuffs, inspired by the copper plates Rembrandt’s used for etching. Baroque accents including plumes, pearls and genuine semi-precious stones evoke seventeenth century opulence.

“It is believed that no artist has researched and understood the human soul, so movingly and convincingly, as Rembrandt.”

“He touches the core of my soul, when he bares his.

He always abandoned convention, like I do.

I feel like I am a reflection of his soul”

Nilofer Shahid

Nilofer Shahid is a visionary, an artist, a romantic – all these and much more! An artist par excellence who has created a fashion legacy that blends vision, creativity and craftsmanship. She is distinguished for her stylistic originality combined with the superior sartorial content of her creations.

Nilofer Shahid was expressing her artistic talent as early as 1978, encouraged by the response she received for her hand painted fabric and attractive block prints, she formally launched her brand Meeras, meaning ‘heritage’ in 1991. Meeras is an artistic expression of Nilofer’s love for the culture rich traditions of her country; the grandeur of the past is superbly captured in her classical ensembles. The strong identity of brand has evolved over the years; while all the time it has remained faithful to its intrinsic ideals.


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