5 Daily Habits That Needs To Change Now

5 Daily Habits That Needs To Change Now |PakistanTribe.com

5 Daily Habits That Needs To Change Now |PakistanTribe.com

[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ou may be a creature of habit, but some seemingly innocuous everyday items of personal use may have outlived their time. Experts tell you when to discard them.

Here are the habits:

“Using the mascara beyond a certain time causes a host of problems, such as rashes along the upper eyelid that may spread to the lower lids, swelling of the eyes, fungal infections, dark circles due to pigmentation, itchiness and may ultimately cause you to lose your lashes,” warns Dr Sharad. “The constant application, opening and putting back the brush into the product can cause infections, caused by the transfer of bacteria from the skin to the product, which then multiplies if left over a long period of time.”

Use and discard your lipstick within the year, else get ready to deal with blisters, rashes, pigmentation and dry, chapped lips. “This is especially true for matte and dark colored lipsticks, such as reds, oranges and maroons which don’t come off easily,” says Dr Sharad. “Refrain from using these dark colours daily. Those who have sensitive lips or dark lips would do better by staying away from flavored lip balms. Go for the non menthol, non-flavored, plain ones instead.

“Using a dirty comb o causes bacterial infections like boils on the scalp and painful, pus filled bumps,” says Dr Sharad. Maintain a healthy scalp by washing the combs in hot water once a week, and changing them every year. “Use a wide-bristled, straight combed brush as it can be easily cleaned,” adds Dr Roy. “Flat and roller brushes are more different to clean and can cause chronic dandruff. If you’ve just completed any treatment for dermatitis or dandruff, change your combs immediately.”

If you’re not ready to replace your expensive Turkish towel just yet, think again.”Your towel can be a major source of irritants or allergens,” warns Dr Roy.It all comes down to how often you wash it, and how well it dries after.”Ideally, wash your towel every alternate day and ensure it is completely dry, preferably sun-dried. The heat from the dryer might damage the fabric in the long run, but is known to kill bacteria too,” he adds. Damp towels promote mould growth which cause allergies. Also, body odor causing bacteria often get stuck in the towel, so discard it the moment the towel starts emitting a foul odor or begins to fray. or begins to fray.

Your pillow cover may just be giving you a stuffy nose every morning without you realizing it. “The human body always has some bacteria on it, and if you think about it, you spend a substantial time every night in contact with your pillow cover,” says Dr Jaishree Sharad, dermatologist. “Even if it is seemingly clean, your pillow cover has dust mites, especially from your hair. This gives rise to various problems such as allergies, rashes, and acne,” she says.


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