Farmer Finds Human Like Creature While Digging Well

Farmer Finds Human Like Creature While Digging Well |

Farmer Finds Human Like Creature While Digging Well |

[dropcap]J[/dropcap]ODHPUR, INDIA – A human like weird creature has been found beneath the ground by a farmer in Jodhpur. The bizarre and shocking incident has been reported from Jodhpur district of India. The news made many villagers surprise and the farmers rushed to Jodhpur to watch it in person.

People in India often start praying any weird creature which has strange looks and features. Mostly farmers and their families in Indian villages follow such practices. Thousands of different gods are prayed by these villagers. The religious places of Hindus are filled with such gods made by them. Hindus often made ideals with weird shapes to pray in these temples.

Here’s the video:

Human like Creature Found while digging earth… by siasitalk

If a weird creature becomes popular in India, many stories also start roaming in the people. Since the farmers and villagers in India are mostly uneducated and do not have much knowledge about many things, they believe these stories very easily. Hindu Temples are also filled with such type of things mostly. The idols created upon these stores are very strange and weird looking for others.

Hindus gives status of their god which has strange features and abilities. Such things are then copied by the idol makes and they create a weird creature matching to those things. Farmers in India also depend of these weird idols for the growth of their crops and fertility of their lands.

These farmers are looted by the religious clerics in India openly. By pressing some weird creature, grabbing money from people is very common in Hindu pundits in their temples and religious places.


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