Your Eye Colour Unveils Alot About Your True Personality

Your Eye Colour Unveils Alot About Your True Personality|

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he eye is the mirror of the soul.  Because you can express through your eyes a lot. Even it is said that you can lie with your words but not with your eyes.  The eyes are a window to the soul, according to Scientists.

Recent researches reveal some shocking truth about your eye color, even the iris can give an indication of whether we are warm and trusting or neurotic and impulsive. So, know your eye color and what it reveals.

Brown or Black Eyes 

Most people have black and brown eye color. First, you must know your strength and probably you could rule this world. You are a born leader. People with dark eyes are often seen as more agreeable too. You guys love playing sports.

Blue Eyes

People with blue eyes have great inner and physical strength. Every time people try to judge you before they know you. They see you as weak or frightened. Women with blue eyes were found to tolerate the pain of childbirth better. You can handle all sorts of anxiety and depression better. You are ambitious, smart resulting not many stands in your way!

Hazel Eyes 

Hazel is another unusual shade. This leads many hazel-eyed people to be told they’re special from a young age. You tend to be independent, confident, and spontaneous. Your personality can be a little harder to predict and pin down. That’s okay, though!

Green Eyes 

Green is the sexiest color, and they are widely appealing to people. You tend to be more alluring and mysterious. You are unpredictable but not quick to anger. You are also creative and perform well under pressure.


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