Ex-CIA Pilot Gives Affirm Proof That No Planes Ever Hit The Twin Towers

Ex-CIA Pilot Gives Affirm Proof That No Planes Ever Hit The Twin Towers|PakistanTribe.com

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e all know about the tragic 9/11 disaster in which a plane hijacked by terrorists was flown right through the twin towers of the World Trade Centre. But recently, an ex-CIA pilot has gone on record to say that no plane ever actually hit the twin towers. 

John Lear’s Claims:

Ex-CIA Pilot Gives Affirm Proof That No Planes Ever Hit The Twin Towers|PakistanTribe.com

John Lear, the son of Learjet inventor Bill Lear, claims that it would have been physically impossible for Boeing 767s to have hit the Twin Towers on 9/11. And he provides excellent evidence for the same.

Here’s what he says…

“No Boeing 767 airliner hit the Twin Towers as fraudulently alleged by the government, media, NIST and its contractors. Such crashes did not occur because they are physically impossible as depicted…”

And here’s why! 

He says, “A real Boeing 767 would have begun ‘telescoping’ when the nose hit the 14 inch steel columns which are 39 inches on center. The vertical and horizontal tail would have instantaneously separated from the aircraft, hit the steel box columns, and fallen to the ground”.

Further claims:

He also says that the engines would have maintained their general shape and either fallen to the ground or been recovered in the debris of the collapsed building, unlike what actually seemed to have happened.


The piece of alleged external fuselage containing 3-4 window cutouts is inconsistent with an airplane that hit 14-inch steel box columns, place at 500MPH+. It would have crumbled! So why didn’t it?


He also says that the debris of the collapse should have contained massive sections of the Boeing 767, including 3 engine cores that weighed around 9000 pounds, which would mean they’d be easy to find.

Lawsuit filed:

In 2007, Morgan Reynolds, a former chief economist under the George W. Bush administration, had filed a Request for Correction with the U.S. National Institute of Science and Technology, citing his belief that real commercial jets didn’t hit the towers. This only reasserts the pilot’s claims.

A controlled descent:

Another retired airplane captain and former CIA pilot said that the controlled descent into New York by a novice pilot would be very unlikely as they’d be unable to adequately control the plane. So how was it made possible?


Many of these pilots speaking up are a part of the ‘pilotsfor911truth.org’ group that has argued all of the above statements to be true. And, that the 9/11 Commission failed to take evidence from pilots back in 2002-2004 when they did their inquiry into the attacks.


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