New Technology Uses Smartphones And Paper To Detect Harmful Pesticides

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New Technology Uses Smartphones And Paper To Detect Harmful Pesticides |

Pesticides are used to keep bugs off of your food while it grows. The major downside is that the pesticides on your food can be harmful and toxic to your health.

Unless you eat organic food that hasn’t come into contact with other produce you may want to check out a food analyzing technology to see how toxic it is before you buy it.

According to a study published in Biosensors and Bioelectronics, this awesome new technology allows you to use

paper sensors that are able to analyze your food using an Android program.

The system will help you detect harmful toxins quickly and cheaply.

How they made this awesome New Technology!
In order to make the sensitive detector, the researchers broke it down into three components. They use nanoparticles to shine a fluorescent signal on the paper to detect the pesticide. Then they used a 3D printed piece of equipment made from a smartphone which they attached to a mini-laser. They also used a mini-cavity and an optical filter to read the data.

The last piece to the puzzle was to create android software that would quickly analyse the light particles and determine if there were toxins on your food.

How it works.
The specialized paper is covered in copper ions, so when a sample is put on the paper the pesticide molecules will attach to the copper ions. The device will then shine a light onto the copper ion paper and pick up the data with the optical filter.

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