Mysterious Tibetan Singing Bowls

Mysterious Tibetan Singing Bowls |

TIBET – The vague traces of the past, the true history of Tibetan Singing Bowls is yet to be discovered.

Most resources state a mysterious past and only few mention the possibility of being discovered and brought to light by Shakyamuni Buddha and consequently brought to Tibet by Padmasambhava, a powerful Buddhist priest who defeated Bon religion in Tibet.

But more than defeat, Bon religion is the native religion to Tibet, as is the Dreaming to Aboriginal culture in Australia, and because Bon religion had strong roots in Tibet with deep insights, values and resources, it became part of Buddhism, the Bon Buddhist path.

A beautiful history unfolds and I recommend looking deeper into both Buddhism and Bon, and their consequent merging in Tibet; but the reason for this short explanation is that Bon adopted the use of Singing Bowls for their practices because of their innate power.

Tibetan Singing Bowls are usually created from alloy of seven or more metals which were available in the metal rich region of Tibet (it is hard to carve a flute with no forests around).

While forming the bowl by beating, a set of mantras (sounds based on vibration) was chanted to infuse the bowls with additional energies.

There are few types of Singing Bowls and different materials used to make them. The cheapest option is a machine made bowl. They look nice on the outside but if you enjoy driving fast, you can’t travel with a horse wagon. The machine made bowls still offer some of the desired vibration, but from my own experience, it has far less power than a proper handmade bowl.

Then you strike the bowl, a humming sound of unknown depth appears around you. Or in better words, you appear in a strange, new dimension where this sound is all around you. With just one strike the teaching, the dharma, opens in front of you.

For practical use, keeping a Singing Bowl in a busy office to bring peace when only stress fills the room in that hard to catch 5 minute break, or keeping one at home to bring peace into your soul those are just few to mention.


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