Serious Human Rights Violation In India

Serious Human Rights Violation In India|

Serious Human Rights Violation In India|

A very serious incident of Human rights violation was recorded in an Indian City. A Hindu mob badly punished a Bengali Muslim man and left him to die in misery.

Such tragic and sad incidents with innocent Muslims in India are a routine of every other day now.

Indian Hindus do not like to live with the Muslims in many parts of India. They believe that the Muslim population living with them will make their religious places and their homes dirty.

Such thinking brings very sad incidents of human rights violation into records. Many innocent people become a bite of such incidents.
Here’s the video which shows brutality of Hindus towards Muslims and other Minorities.

hindu beating a bangali muslim to death in india by infoprovider

Not only Muslims in India but their own minority casts are facing such punish full violations of Human rights. The teachings of Hindu religion do not teach to violate against others but the way pf speaking by their political leaders have created a negative thinking in the people. People have become very volatile against other religions.

The Hindus in India today thinks that they only have the right to live in their country. Muslims and other minorities are there to serve them only. Hindus do not let the Muslim population eat cow meat.

This difference also creates problem in the society and violations of human rights are seen openly.

Hindus do not treat their own servants properly in India. Hindu society does not have place and tolerance for any other religion in their country. Kashmiris and Sikh in Punjab faces problems of Human rights violation every day because of Hindus.


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