Essential Healthy Cooking Tips

Essential Healthy Cooking Tips|


Essential Healthy Cooking Tips|

Healthy cooking involves cutting down on excessive carbohydrate components and fats from the meals you prepare at home.

Steam it up
Steam cooked recipe ideas are usually the healthiest ones which need the minimum or almost no oil while cooking. Giving a simple tadka using half teaspoon of oil to boiled vegetables is the ideal healthy cooking solution.

Avoid using too much oil
No matter how healthy is your cooking oil, one should use the oil moderately if healthy cooking is in your agenda. Curries can taste equally well even if the oil used in the recipe is very less.

Use lots of green in your food
From dal to kadi, make use of all the green veggies that can be included in the recipes. Green veggies are rich in many elements that enhance the body’s metabolism.

Reduce frequency of carb intake
Use maximum greens and fiber rich sources and less of carbohydrate rich vegetables in your cookies. Don’t use vegetables like sweet potatoes, potatoes, et al in higher proportions in cooking. Always try to balance your meal by adding a vegetable or an ingredient that is rich in fiber to boost metabolism.

Use sprouts
Cook sprouts. They don’t require much oil and are healthy. Sprouts are a healthy alternative to carb rich food as they are rich in nutrients essential for human metabolism.


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